Local Excursion

Bring meditation and excursion into oneness.

Flow Retreat will take you to attractions around Shou-Feng and Feng-Lin. We will explore the mountain and the land. Meeting different people and creating wonderful experiences. Waking up your senses by reintroducing yourself to nature also bringing pure happiness back into your life.

TJ Organic Farm

Moving from the U.S. to Taiwan, TJ and his wife non-stop thinking about ways to live in harmony with nature. They utilize the experience of staying in the state and start to grow their organic agricultural products. By joining the farm activities, travelers will definitely feel how much the couple love the land they live in.

Horse Healing

Animals are always willing to show their true self to us. That’s also why we often feel peace and joy when interacting with animals. During horse healing, we learn how to interact with horses properly. By reading into their actions and state of being, we not only know more about the animals but also become more open with our state of being.

Meditate with river

We listen to the sound of insects, the sound of water, and the sound of your heart at the riverside. Taking one step closer to nature is one step closer to yourself.

Soul Singer x Heart Walker x Thanks Giver

Walking into a bookstore located in the woods and receiving blessings from your soul with books and music. A safe place for you to gently explore your true self.

Go Into the Tribe

Ciyakang is a tribe located by the side of Shou-Feng River. It also means an opened tree hole. Local youth will guide you experience their daily life.