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Pet friendly policy

The guest shall pay the disinfection cleaning fee corresponding to the room category upon check-in. The fee is non-refundable.Rate per dog : Sunrise Room – NT$ 800 

At CHU Resorts, we value the safety and convenience of all our guests. During your stay, you and your pet are allowed to experience enriching moments.

Pet owners should provide the following during your stay:

  • Pet’s food 
  • Pet’s food and water bowls
  • Pet’s leash
  • Pet’s stroller/carrier
  • Pet’s toys
  • Disposable bags
  • Pee pad
  • Diapers

While in the Resort please be informed of the following:

  • Only dogs are allowed as pets in the Resort. No other animals may be kept in the property.
  • A maximum of two pets are permitted per room.
  • Keep your pet leashed at all times as you head out of your room and must be accompanied by their owners in public places at all times.
  • All pets must be clean, well-groomed, and completely free of fleas and ticks.
  • Refrain from bringing your pet/s in common and recreational areas within the property such as the restaurants (but allowed in the balcony area where available), Onsen Futagoyama, swimming pool, and Flow Retreat. 
  • Pets are allowed to stay at the CHU Grassland, if available, provided that their waste will be cleaned and will be disposed of by their owners in secured disposable bags. At all times, the guest shall maintain and keep the property in a good and sanitary condition.
  • The guest agrees not to leave any pet/s unattended. Dogs left unattended, for a period of more than forty-eight (48) hours, shall be considered abandoned and shall be reported to the proper authorities. The registered guest shall indemnify Hotel Management for any costs, losses, or damages which may result from such action being taken.
  • All equipment required for the upkeep, and feeding of pets are to be provided by the guest. Under no circumstances shall any equipment within the property be used for animal use, this includes the use of a hotel bathtub, available towels, and linen for your pets. Any use of linen for their pets is to incur corresponding charges. Stained linen will be charged twice the regular laundry rate while permanently stained linens will be charged with a corresponding replacement fee.
  • Pet owners will be required to promptly address any complaints made by fellow guests regarding noise or any other such disturbance that may be caused by the pet/s. In the event that any pet becomes overly disruptive or in any way aggressive towards other guests or employees, the pet must be removed from the property. In the event that any pet is considered dangerous by the Hotel Management, it shall immediately be removed from the property by the guest.
  • During any housekeeping service the guest is requested to remove their pet from the room The guest may call the Housekeeping Department to arrange a convenient time to service the apartment. If Housekeeping service is not required, the guest may activate the privacy sign in the room.
  • The guest shall give a security deposit, equivalent to NT$2,000 per room upon check-in. The security deposit will cover any damages incurred which may include but are not limited to, stained bedding, stained carpet, stained linen, scratches on the furniture, scratches on the floor, infestation, extra cleaning that may be required, and/or lost revenue charges while the unit is out of service due to cleaning and repairs. The room/s will be inspected upon check out. After confirmation and clearance that no damage was found in the room and no extra cleaning efforts were required, the security deposit shall be returned.
  • Any damage caused by the pet(s) shall be charged to the registered guest and must be paid immediately upon the presentation of an invoice.
  • CHU Resort and its employees shall not be liable for any loss, injuries, or illness of any pet for any reason whatsoever.
  • The guest shall strictly comply with the Pet Policy Agreement and other rules and regulations which may be issued by CHU Resort. CHU Resort reserves the right to require room changes, removal of pet/s from the property, refuse or discontinue service without refund if, in the hotel’s sole discretion, the pet is considered dangerous, unhealthy, or likely to frighten, harm, disrupt resort guests, has damaged resort property, or for failure to abide by these policies.
  • The guest accepts full responsibility for any and all liability, claims, losses, costs, and expenses including reasonable attorney fees, for personal injury or property damage that may be caused by or attributed to their pet/s. The guest agrees to make any reimbursement for such damages on demand.
  • The guest agrees to indemnify, hold harmless and defend the CHU Resort, its owners, and employees from any and all liability, claims, losses, costs and expenses including reasonable attorney fees arising out of or relating to any claim for personal injury or property damage caused by or attributed to their pet/s. 

Guest Note:

  • Please add our official Line account @churesort for guest note and latest update 
  • For a better future environment, we will not provide disposable amenities in guest rooms
  • Check-in times – 3:00 pm;Check-out time – 11:00 am.
  • Maximum 4 adults or 2 adults+2 kids per room
  • $1,200 (Per Night) Extra Person : Including breakfast.
  • Children aged 6 – 12 or 115-150cm,the price NT$800 (Including breakfast) will charge upon check-in
  • Children aged 0 – 5 (The accommodation is free of charge if the kid stays with its parents in a room with no additional bed)
  • This promotion is not available for travel agent or group 
  • Chu Resort reserves the right to change the contents of this document at any time without prior notice. 

Onsen Futagoyama is ready!


Onsen Futagoyama is ready for you!

The hot spring is originated from Erzishan (Twin Mountain) Hot Springs (called by the aborigines Taroko people, “Wulai” means the land emerging the hot spring.) It is the sodium bicarbonate spring that helps moisten the skin and balance the state of the body. The space is decorated with Hualien local serpentine and washing stones, resembling the natural scene at the Dakuai Mt. and south Erzishan Mt. It is like you are bathing in the spectacular valley to appreciate the marvelous marble rock walls on both sides. 

Onsen Futagoyama Starts from 4th, Nov
Business hour: 09:00-21:00

Onsen Futagoyama has 2-person bathhouses, family bathhouses, nude bathhouses (men and women are separated), and public bathhouses.

10 Private Bathhouse/2 Family Bathhouses

Winter Promotion

To enjoy sodium bicarbonate spring in private bathhouse in 50 minutes with Knsuyang snack set for each person.

Private Bathhouse (accommodate 1-2 people)
$ 1,200
Family Private Bathhouse (accommodate 1-4 people)
$ 2,600

Knsuyang Snack Set

Knsuyang Snack + Knsuyang Beverage
Beef noodles, Seafood noodles or Mushroom noodles(vegan), and Chu Herbal Tea or Americano

  • Knsuyang Snack Set serving hours:09:00-21:00。
  • Knsuyang Snack Set should be reserved when you ordered Private Bathhouse.

Nude Hot Spring

Onsen Futagoyama has nude bathhouses (men and women are separated), a completely relaxing hot spring space where guests can remove their swimsuits off.

$ 400 / per person

Terms & Conditions

  • Onsen Futagoyama Starts from 4th, Nov.
  • Business hour: 09:00-22:00.
  • Limited bathhouses, please contact us for reservation first.
  • We provide special discount for CHU Resort in-house guests, neighbors of Fenglin Township and Wanrong Township, please contact us for reservation.
  • Nude bathhouses and public bathhouses are only open for CHU Resort in-house guests.
  • Nude bathhouses and public bathhouses will close at 12:00-13:00 everyday for housekeeping.
  • Onsen Futagoyama will close half day twice a month for housekeeping.
  • Children under 6 should be accompanied with parents or grownup family members.