Private Onsen Room

The hot spring is originated from Erzishan (Twin Mountain) Hot Springs (called by the aborigines Taroko people, “Wulai” means the land emerging the hot spring.) It is the sodium bicarbonate spring that helps moisten the skin and balance the state of the body.
The space is decorated with Hualien local serpentine and washing stones, resembling the natural scene at the Dakuai Mt. and south Erzishan Mt. It is like you are bathing in the spectacular valley to appreciate the marvelous marble rock walls on both sides. 

To enjoy sodium bicarbonate spring in private bathhouse in 50 minutes with Knsuyang light meal set for each person.

Private Bathhouse (accommodate 1-2 people)
$ 1,300
Family Private Bathhouse (accommodate 1-4 people)
$ 2,700

Knsuyang light meal Set

Knsuyang light meal
Choose one main meal from Curry Lemongrass Chicken Rice, Thai Roasted Pork Rice or Taiwanese Three-cup Mushroom Rice(vegan)
and Daily Soup

  • Knsuyang light meal Set serving hours:13:00-16:00。

2-person bathhouses$ 1,300
family bathhouses$ 2,700

Person Bathhouses

Family Bathhouses

Terms & Conditions

  • Limited bathhouses, please contact us for reservation first.
  • Nude bathhouses and public bathhouses will close at 12:00-13:00 everyday for housekeeping.
  • We provide special discount for CHU Resort in-house guests, neighbors of Fenglin Township and Wanrong Township, please contact us for reservation.
  • Onsen Futagoyama will close at 09:00-13:30 every Wednesday for housekeeping.
  • Children under 6 should be accompanied with parents or grownup family members.