Mountain Pool

Surrounded by greenery and sunshine, The Mountain Pool is located at the foot of the Central Mountain Range. A spacious pool that allows the body and mind to relax in the water, and just chill.

Starting from May 1 to OCT. 31, 2024, the Mountain Pool and Public Pool will be open, and hotel in-house guests can enter for free.

  • Mountain Pool and Public Pool will close at 09:00-13:30 every Wednesday for housekeeping.

The management regulations and precautions for the swimming pool are as follows:

  • Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by a parent or adult relative to enter the pool.
  • Swimming attire is required for entry, but wearing a swimming cap is not mandatory.
  • Users should understand their own health status. Swimming is prohibited for those with the following conditions:
    1. Those with infectious diseases, epilepsy, unclear consciousness, skin diseases (ulcers, wounds), multiple sclerosis, and a fever exceeding 37℃ or other physical discomfort or illnesses.
    2. Those who have eaten within an hour, after drinking alcohol, have severe lack of sleep, have not yet recovered from medication or are experiencing any other physical discomfort.
    3. Those with high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, or other conditions that make it unsuitable to use the pool due to physiological or psychological factors.
  • Smoking, drinking alcohol, chewing betel nuts, chewing gum, and bringing any food or drink (except boiled water and mineral water) into the pool are strictly prohibited.
  • Bringing glass containers, ceramics, and other fragile items into the pool is prohibited.
  • Activities that endanger the safety of others, such as diving, running, playing, diving, squatting or standing at the edge of the pool, are prohibited in the pool and around the pool.
  • To maintain the environment and safety, if the instructions and safety guidelines are violated or if the lifeguard’s instructions are not followed, the center may immediately prohibit use and seek compensation for any damage.
  • The swimming pool will be temporarily closed in the event of lightning.