Milky way is originated from The Metamorphoses (Ovid): “There is a highway, easily seen when the sky is clear. It is called the Milky Way, famed for its shining whiteness.” CHU Resort has three milky ways, just as the Milky way leading us to adventure and explore inspiration:

  • Mountain-bound milky way: Start at the gate of Hill. Stroll all the way to mountains, accompanied by the trees beside you. (stroll time: about 5 minutes) 
  • Starry sky milky way: On CHU Grassland you will find the Starry sky milky way. Encounter the Milky way here at night. (stroll time: about 3 minutes) 
  • Secret milky way: Hiding behind FLOW Retreat, a secret grassland is waiting for you to enjoy this secret, undisturbed time. (stroll time: unlimited)