Millet custom

Learn about the ancient brewing method and custom stories that play an important role in the aboriginal traditional culture and rituals.

Millet wine has long been playing an important role in the life, sacrifice ceremony, and custom of the aboriginals. The millet wine can be used for worshiping ancestors, having fun, and making friends, and it also represents the etiquette culture of respecting God and the seniors.  With the wisdom in life, the plants suitable for making brewer’s yeast are found, and then it is boiled to ferment. The ancient method of brewing is passed down step by step, from generation to generation, to develop the most mellow family flavor with the millet or glutinous rice growing on this land. We invite you to learn about the brewing culture and the custom stories amid the cool breeze at night.


  • Period:Saturday, Sunday
  • Time:10:40 – 11:00
  • Meet at:Hill check in counter
  • Location:Knsuyang 
  • Fee:TWD 300
  • Please reserve your seat at least one day before check in.