Explore CHU-secret place recommendation: Shuhu Waterfall

The Shuhu Waterfall, located in the hidden mountain in Shuhu Village in Shoufeng Township, is also often called Laoshan Waterfall by the locals because of its location in Laoshan (the Lao mountain). Driving along the No. 9 Highway through the Shuhu Community, you will see the cherry blossom trees by the side, which blossom breathtakingly during the blossom season. There are also bushes of azalea that attract you to explore. Roughly a 30-minutes’ walk along the stone trail to the waterfall observation platform, you will see the ferns and vines in the mountain growing randomly to reserve the original landscape. The hundred feet high Shuhu Waterfall pours straight down, looking like a beautiful and white silk. This workmanship by nature is astonishing and breathtaking. 


  • You are suggested to bring a trekking pole because several parts of the trail are slippery.