Flow Yoga Shala

Flow Yoga Shala, a place where all guests can gather to practice, share, experience, and grow together. Inside Flow Yoga Shala, there is a large yoga studio, a relaxing lounge area, and a 1-on-1 consultation space. All large wellness group classes and workshops such as yoga, meditation, inspirational talks, art, and dance therapies are held here.

Shala means “home” in Sanskrit, we invite you to feel at home and be yourself when you visit Flow Yoga Shala. 

Come exactly as you are, comfortable and at ease, with an open mind and heart to connect with like minded new friends! 

Yoga Shala facilities: lululemon yoga mats, Taimat yoga blocks, yoga straps, yoga balls, meditation cushions, blankets, candles, air conditioning, electric fans, speakers and microphones, projector, etc.