Flow Retreat’s Mission

Flow Retreat’s mission is to help you find balance through relaxation, self-discovery, mindful living, personal renewal and transformation. 

Each and every Flow retreat is lovingly created to help you to relax, open yourself to new possibilities, and be inspired to get into your Flow. We use three wellness pillars: inner awakening, outer discoveries, and flow in balance to create a complete and transformative wellness experience for you.

Inner Awakening

We believe your outer world – the circumstances and situations in your life – is a direct reflection of what you focus on in your internal world – your thoughts, feelings, and self understanding. 

Flow’s first wellness pillar “Inner Awakening” aims to inspire change from within. “Inner Awakening” focuses on creating opportunities and experiences to help you gain greater self awareness, self love, and resilience. Through sharing mindfulness and emotional fitness tools, you can learn how to cultivate a loving, open, curious, and non-judgmental attitude to access your natural wisdom, compassion, and joy. 

Inner Awakening activities include: meditation, silent reflection time, 1:1 lifestyle consultations, journaling, art therapy, inspirational talks, yoga philosophy, and mindfulness workshops.

Outer Discoveries

Flow’s second pillar in “Outer Discoveries” focuses on exploring the world around you, appreciating the beauty everywhere, and how it comes into contact with your physical senses. To be alive, to be able to see, to walk, to dance, to listen to music – it’s all a miracle. We will guide you to discover movements that feels good, savor delicious foods, breathe in fresh mountain air, laugh together with friends, and immerse in the wonders of the local cultures. This pillar helps you remember the simple pleasures of life, to become more present and engaged in each of life’s precious moment.

Outer Discoveries activities include: yoga, dance therapy, breathworks, mindful walking, earthing, Ayurveda seasonal self-care guide, detox principles, inspirational talks, local cultural excursion.

Flow in Balance

Flow’s third wellness pillar “Flow in Balance” is all about integrating your learnings and experiences at Flow to live a more conscious, meaningful, and fulfilling life. We hope your retreat experience at Flow becomes a drop of water in this vast universe. 

Through personal renewal and transformation, you continue to send positive ripples to others. Incorporating wellness into your daily routine, improving relationships with your loved ones, finding purpose at work, and healing your greater environment. Flow in Balance is learning to be fully alive, fully human, and completely awake. 

Flow in Balance activities include: group circles and sharing, positive affirmations, vision and goal setting, volunteering, love & compassion workshops, and our online community support group.