Flow Team

Dori Tsao, Yoga Teacher & Retreat Leader

Dori had her first experience with yoga was back in college. Slowly she is fall in love with yoga, she is able to find a sense of calmness and concentration, during the process of practice. With the accumulation of experience, she found and understood that yoga is not an exercise, but a way of living, breathing, eating, thinking, letting go and returning to zero. 

Dori has traveled to India, Sri Lanka and Bali to study scriptures with many masters. She has 200 hours certification from the American Yoga Alliance RYT, has over 500 hours immersed Kriya practice with her Guru and daily devoted to spiritual practice. She is good at teaching Himalayan Kriya Yoga, classical Hatha Yoga. Dori’s yoga class focuses on synchronizing Prana and Asana, using static and dynamic methods to find the inner peace flowing between inhalation and exhalation. Also through the adjustment of breathing to stretch muscles, strengthen stamina and lead students listen to the energy and messages from our body.

Prabhat Bhadauria, Yoga Teacher & Retreat Leader

Prabhat holds an engineering and masters degree, has worked for big and small tech companies, founder of startups, an avid explorer and a nature lover. He was born in India in 1984 and has lived in Taiwan since 2012, a place which he loves and now calls home.

In 2018 he shifted his focus on hobbies and mindful living and got the calling to learn yoga. In 2020 he went to Rishikesh to learn more about this ancient science. It was at this time that the coronavirus pandemic struck and he spent the next two years in Rishikesh learning Yoga from true masters. He is now a certified Yoga Alliance teacher (500 RYT), founder of Hub of Yoga and working to promote traditional yoga practices in Taiwan.

Nico, SPA Therapist

Nico, a passionate therapist, has transformed her enthusiasm into a profession. Since 2016, she has been studying techniques in skincare and body massage with the aim of providing relaxation and balance for both body and mind. With previous experience working in the SPA department of a five-star hotel, she learned how to provide high-quality services to meet the needs of guests.

In 2023, Nico was honored to become an therapistat the Flow Retreat- Prana Spa. She is dedicated to using her professional knowledge and warm hands to help guests achieve physical and mental balance and relaxation. Through skillfully blended essential oils and delightful massage techniques, she assists clients in releasing muscle tension, alleviating nerve stress, and enjoying a wonderful experience in the healing ambiance of fragrant therapy.

Nico looks forward to seeing guests feel relaxed and leave with a smile at the end of each session.

Belinda, Flow Retreat Host

​Belinda is in love with delightful sensation after yoga practice, not only the body open up, thoughts also becoming clear. Since join Flow Team she start to realize that yoga is not just a physical practice but a way of living. A simple practice everyday is powerful nourishment for oneself.

Sabrina, Flow Retreat Host

In the past, Sabrina was in a hectic and high-pressure work environment, She neglected her own physical and mental health. In this beautiful land of Hualien, She is rediscovering the balance of body and mind.
Through teaching mindfulness meditation courses, She guide students in practicing stillness, meditation, and self-awareness, helping them rediscover the tranquility and health of the soul.

Yuri, Flow Retreat Host

Yuri is the host at Flow Retreat. She is a Vata domainat nature enthusiast. Two unexpected journeys sparked her love for permaculture living, Raja Yoga practices, vipassana practices, somatic psychology, and biodynamic therapy. Currently, she is embracing a daily life in Hualien, richly woven with the philosophy of the five elements and Ayurveda.