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The earliest planting of indigenous cinnamon in Taiwan can be traced back to 1970s.

It was planted by the government for soil and water conservation in the low altitude mountains. However, it was once confused with Batavia cinnamon (often called fake cinnamon), which endangered the growth of indigenous one, and this left bad impression among local farmers.

We walk into mountains to trace the source of the Taiwanese indigenous cinnamon, obtaining the correct specie for product development. The Taiwanese indigenous cinnamon features not only for its fragrance and high nutrients, but also for its ability to conserve soil and water on the hillsides. Therefore, we decide to restore this specie — Taiwanese indigenous cinnamon, which does good to Taiwan’s environment.

Mia, the brand creator who takes over her grandmother’s will to take care of this land in Taiwan, organizes a bunch of straightforward people who do things in a plain way to restore the Taiwanese indigenous cinnamon. As a facilitator, they pass the deliciousness of Taiwanese ingredients to the public.

What is supporting Mia is the belief of environmental sustainability to implement the soil and water conservation in every corner of mountains. When everybody is willing to grow a belief to look after this land, the seeds of hope of sustainability will be planted in mountains, and the big dream of taking care of this land will come true.