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CHU select and Hill art decoration

Hanna is a Hualien local weaving craftsman who are good at making unique crafts with nature materials, such as bamboos, driftwood, and seeds. The meaning of Dreamcatcher is that various energies and instructions in our life can be applied to achieve goals through Dreamcatcher so that ideas, dreams, and thoughts of ours and our beloved ones can be used in a good way.  Our dreams will be activated, and the most sincere blessing will be given to others. Dreamcatcher in CHU Resort’s guest rooms is a light, soft, and vibrant healing partner of yours. 

【It is the mountain, the river, the land】

The diamond shape weaving around the net represents the hills surrounding the valley,

the tassel braid below represents the rivers running between the alley,

the densely woven net in the middle represents the land of the valley,

and the faintly visible double-layer radial weaving in the middle has the meaning of the sun shining right above the earth.

The slightly different weaving method of each net represents the various beauty of the valley day by day, which awaits you to appreciate.

Walking into Hill and looking up, you will see Hanna’s weaving crafts as well.

【Light seeking seeds】

The seeds gradually dropping, some big and small, will sprout and grow strong through the shining of light.

The light reflecting through the mirror to any place to presents the moment of sprouting.

Don’t be afraid to be shone by the light; feel the care by your heart,

and the seeds will grow and bloom.

One day, the seeds will bloom and bear fruit.