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Inspired by Taiwanese indigenous culture, Kamaro’an explores pure craftsmanship through clean design. 

The name Kamaro’an originates from pangcah, it means “the place to live”. Pangcah is one of an indigenous ethnic in Taiwan. Each of our products is handwoven in our studio by indigenous craftsman.

Kamaro’an celebrates the uniqueness, timelessness and precision that hands can bring to life. 

Traditionally the umbrella sedge grows together with rice and limnophila with mutualism in coastal indigenous’ cultivated field. The three crops fulfill the daily needs for living, eating and wine making in the old days.

The sedge is one of the strongest natural fibers in the indigenous woven culture, the mats weaved by sedge are breathable and durable, the natural wax coating makes it resistant to water drips. 

Improved by authoritative craftsman Sumi Dongi, the sedge stems are collected, carefully picked and chipped. The thin stems curls into narrow tubes after months of summer sundried, which makes it straight and structured.