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Singular Concept, a multidisciplinary design studio, enthusiastic in developing sustainable and inspiring products ranging from house appliance, home decorations, fashion accessories to installation arts. It presents the best quality of Taiwanese design and manufacturing to the international market.

The Mist Pendant Light is inspired by the unique terrain and natural phenomena of valley fog in the East Rift Valley, located on Taiwan’s eastern coastline between the Central Mountain Range and the Coastal Mountain Range. Cold and hot air regularly interflow in the valley, and when the seasons transition this results in the formation of cloudy mist when warmer air suddenly cools. Additionally, the low-lying nature of the East Rift Valley prevents the vapor from being easily blown away, allowing the valley fog to consistently form and bring a beautiful scene of hazy mist.

The design of the Mist Pendant Light references the polymerization of water molecules. Imagine water molecules bonding before us in the air, hazy and translucent, as they blow a breath of soothing chill air. The design princicple is driving by this image; The modular design allows the light to extend and transform to fit its environment, like the shifting mist in the palm of the creator’s hand, bending its shape at any given time.