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In a 60s Italian movie “La Dolce Vita”, the leading actor in the beginning asks the waiter what wine the princess sitting beside ordered. The waiter replies “Soave”. Oh! All Italian princesses drink this wine!

Soave Plan’s original intention is to provide a warm place; a coffee shop that people would first come up with no matter when. Soave Plan can provide such an environment, be it for working, chatting, reading, or being alone. Soave Plan is an existence indeed whenever you are in need.

In Italian, “soave” means sweet and soft; Soave Plan is such a plan that our coffee becomes a sweet and soft company in people’s life. Just like Soave wine that has delicate formula, our coffee features nutty aroma and rich finale, faithfully and warmly delivering the wonderful flavor every day. You can always find your favorite coffee here, which is so simple yet profound.