FLOW Retreat

Deep Sleep Package with Private Hot Spring

Limited to the following period: 2023/09/01 – 2024/03/31

Experience unparalleled rejuvenation with our “Hot Spring Deep Sleep Package”. Immerse yourself in healing natural hot springs, delight in the soothing sounds of singing bowls, and enjoy a specially curated sleep gift set that helps to relax your senses. Surrounded by tranquil nature in our forest chalet, drift into a restful sleep and awake feeling revitalized and full of energy!

FLOW Retreat
Deep Sleep Package with Private Hot Spring


What’s Included:
1 Night Accomodation in Flow Forest Chalet
Nourishing Breakfast
Fall Harvest Dinner

Exclusive for Deep Sleep Package:

Singing Bowl Sound Bath at Flow Yoga Shala 45 Min (Valued at $1000)
Private Hot Spring Room 50 Min (Valued at $800)

Flow Sleep Gift Set Including:
1 x 30ml Ayurvedic Organic Good Night Sleep Massage Oil (Valued at $800)
1 x Sacred Palo Santo Incense (Valued at $650)
1 x Online Guided Moonlit Forest Yoga Nidra for Deep Rest (Valued at $1000)
1 x Online “Better Sleep: 7 Natural Ways Based on Yoga & Ayurveda” E-book (Valued at $1000)
1 x Flow Mindfulness Booklet (Potentially Priceless 🙂
1 x Grassphere Longan Flower Bedtime Tea
1 x One-month membership of the Couch Space App premium subscription
1 x Set of Zen-Tangle postcards for art therapy

All Inclusive Package Price:

Single 1 Person Frest Chalet starts from NT$6990
Double 2 Person Forest Chalet starts from NT$9490

Other Complementary Activities On-Site

Gentle Foundation Yoga (Free)
Wednesday – Sunday 8:00-9:00 AM
Under the morning sunlight and scenic mountain views, start your day with an in person beginner friendly yoga class with our certified yoga instructors.

Mindful Walking (Free)
Monday, Tuesday 08:30-09:00 AM
Friday, Saturday 5:00-5:30 PM
Walking meditation: Connect your senses and awareness, focus on the present moment, observe what you see, smell, and hear during your walk. Experience mindfulness in the moment and awaken inner joy.

Sitting Meditation (Free)
Sunday 5:00-5:30 PM
Guided meditation to practice union of body and mind, achieving deep inner clarity.

Singing Bowl Sound Healing (Free for Deep Sleep Package Only)
Every Wednesday to Sunday 6:30-7:15 PM
The resonating frequencies of the singing bowl synchronize with the body’s vibrations, harmonizing the body’s energy field, promoting relaxation, stress relief, and overall mind-body balance.

*Please note Monday to Tuesday, there are no singing bowl sessions, the afternoon tea set is served instead.